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Hyecon is a term for the highly efficient Ellegaard component developed for the Food Industry, focusing on hygiene and economy, and consist of the following elements:


ScanDrive® Drum Motor IP69K certified

Technically and in regards to quality, ScanDrive® drum motors are completely on par with those leading in the world market, and with just a few minor adjustments, our drum motors can easily be implemented into existing structures.


Scandrive® Rollers

Wraps in food grade blue PVC, and end caps in food grade POM. The rollers are designed with a sealed hygienic design, and have built-in fixed axle shafts. Pillow blocks in food grade 'non-squeaking' glide material (UHMWPE)


Undine® Belt cleaning technology

Undine® is an innovative way to use water pressure, whether it is in connection with production or cleaning.

Future requirements for the production of e.g. food, drinks, and other products will include increased demands on hygiene and cleanliness, but also call for a reduction of water and energy consumption.


 Quick-Release® Belt Tensioner

The Hyecon Quick-Release system is developed for use in wet environments to increase efficient cleaning by a quick and easy slacking of the belt, providing easy access when cleaning conveyor parts under the belt. In the same manner, the conveyor belt can be quickly removed/replaced, and effortlessly tightened with perfect pre-tension every time.



In collaboration with, among others, the Danish Technological Institute, we have developed a concept for environmentally safe transport of material. In this case, an open conveyor belt, which during transport closes to a drop-shaped 'bag' that encloses the application, and transports it to the desired destination without contamination of the product or the surroundings.

The Dropbelt® conveyor belt is unique in that it has a dynamic transport direction that, among other things, means that it can go around corners, and also incline and decline.


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