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Ellegaard meets the food industry’s strict hygiene requirements

There is, with good reason, very strict hygiene requirements within the food industry.

These requirements Ellegaard meets to the fullest. By using our conveyor belts, drum motors, and rolls, you can therefore minimize, or completely avoid contamination, and the negative consequences this could have had for your company.


The world’s most tightly sealed drum motor

For the use in e.g. the food industry, Ellegaard has developed the world’s most tightly sealed drum motor, ScanDrive, with an IP 69 K ingress protection rating. The motor
can be manufactured in 100% stainless steel, and is designed so that it is extremely easy to clean.


Conveyor belts with BUILT-IN CLEANING systems

Compared to the other conveyor belts on the market, Ellegaard’s Volta PU conveyor belt is easier to clean. One of the reasons for this is that the conveyor belts do not have a textile layer, where bacteria can become lodged. Moreover, Ellegaard has developed special belt washing and scraping systems that keep the conveyor belts clean.

Ellegaard on the spot within max. three hours

Time is money. If you have a rush job or a possible breakdown, Ellegaard is always quickly on the spot.

We can weld equipment and rectify any damage on location at the individual customer, or in one of our three workshops. Moreover, we have mobile workshops, meaning we can be on location at all customers in Denmark and southern Sweden within a maximum of three hours. Round the clock—all year round.


We ease the daily life for machine builders

For machine builders it can also be an advantage to choose Ellegaard as a supplier.

With us you can get conveyor belts, drum motors, and rollers in one and the same spot. This eases your daily life, and you save time. Our products are supported by step-files online, so you quickly and easily can incorporate e.g. a conveyor belt or a motor in your overall machine solution.